Emails – Reaction to N&O Dec 23

Between December 23 and January 11, I received 127 emails reacting to the piece. Two thirds positive but here are some examples of the negative.

Some examples:

(1) Homophobia/Transphobia

“Are you one of the far left wacko’s posing as Andrea for the day and trying to follow my daughter into the ladies room at Target? What you need Andrew/Andrea is a trip to Bellevue for some heavy duty electro-shock therapy followed by a fun-in-the-sun vacation at Parris Island.” J. Dawson

“I realize what trouble our youth are in. To put it simply you are an idiot!!! It is not a right in America if you have male genitalia to go in a female bathroom. I wish I knew how to stop teachers like you from destroying our youth but with the undemocratic tenure you have and socialistic brothers in arms on your side we real Americans have little hope.”

“I love it when Liberals expose how ignorant they are. I suggest you move to high tax high fee big government regulation California. And perhaps you might meet a boy with a peepee in the girls room.” G. Brown

“Are you allowed to spout your idiotic liberal views in N.C? If you have a dick then stay out of ladies facilities.”

“You are not from America nor do you know what America was born from (read the Mayflower Compact). Men in little girls bathrooms and showers is what you support and that is right out of the pit of hell.”

“What next, are you going to argue in favor of known molesters or voyeurs?”

“Are you one of those ‘homo’s?”

“It’s people like you and other sick “professors” who tend to destroy the moral compass in young men and women in colleges across this nation. You are no better than cancer. It’s feces like you that need to be placed where you belong, flushed down the toilet. Michael Gorbach

(2) Islamaphobia/Xenophobia


“Your not only stupid your a liar. Why do you want to destroy the USA. It’s paying your salary and providing for your family. Go back to London and enjoy the Muslim takeover.” Derek

“So, let me see if I understand this. You are not from North Carolina (from South Africa). Because you are a temporary professor at UNC, you think you can judge North Carolina. If you feel so ill at ease in my state, please feel free to return to your home. Your leaving will mean one less liberal professor voicing an opinion that does not matter.” James Wiggins

How do we end up with shit like you teaching in our state universities. Happened to read the garbage in the RN&O that you contributed. Why don’t you move to another state, or better yet go back to where you were born…You would be better received there. I assure you I will do everything I can to let the good folks at UNC know what a nut we have teaching in our ‘Landmark Institution’. What a waste of NC taxes.

(3) Ideology

“Comrade Reynolds, Could it be the good citizens, the silent majority of NC…and the nation…are tired of you Democrat Bolshevik scum and the commie/pc/milquetoast”

Time for the GOP to purge the Cultural Marxist from our public universities, a reverse “Cultural Revolution” if you will, you wouldn’t happen to know any would you?

You are welcomed to leave with the citizens of North Carolina’s blessings and live in your socialist, liberal world. Please leave as I will and am going to start a Petition to have you and your tenure revoked immediately. Do you think I am angry, just you wait! So many citizens of this great State will rebuke you and ask for your resignation. I refuse to pay for such a professor of higher learning to slam our great state in such a negative way.

(4) Mental instability

“I do not know why Fox would waste its broadcast time on a mentally unstable loon. No wonder what comes out of college these days are stupid, misinformed, ignorant dolts. They are brainwashed by criminally insane, incompetent alleged professors. Hey we voted for Trump because enough Americans were not STUPID enough to cut their own throats by allowing this other psychotic, congenital liar and her debauched sexual predator, impeached, disbarred disgrace to the WH back into power to further screw up this country after the last 8 years of disasters. Deal with it MORON.”

Do You Feel Pain? I’m curious, Dr. Andrew Reynolds, do you feel pain being so profoundly wrong and delusional? I mean, hyperbole is one thing, but outright lunacy is quite another, and you have more than tipped the scales towards the looney side. All I can imagine is that the atmospheric pressure on your head must be causing pain and producing the delusional notions that cause you to mistake living in the US with living in a totalitarian regime.

“Kill Yourself – please do it.”