In the News

Washington Post

The North Carolina bathroom bill could trigger a health crisis among transgender youth, research shows

News & Observer

“GOP out of touch with world LGBT views” 

WUNC, The State of Things

“Providing equality for transgender people” 



The Washington Post 

“This map shows the 31 countries where transgender and gender-variant candidates have run for office since 1977”


“The Starting Point”

Foreign Policy

“Venezuela Just Swore In Its First Transgender Legislator”

The Telegraph

“Commons has more gay MPs than any other parliament in the world”

The Washington Post

“Britain’s Parliament might be the most LGBT in the world”
“Why does the Republican Party still oppose LGBT rights”


“Huzzah, Britain Now Has More Openly Queer Legislators Than Any Other Country”

Pink News

“Does the UK now have the most LGB elected MPs in the world?”

WUNC North Carolina Public Radio

“The Great Variation of LGBT Rights in Latin America”

UNC Global Studies

LGBT MPs and Candidates in the British General Election May 2015: The State of Play

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