Does sexual orientation still matter? The impact of LGBT candidate identity on vote share in the UK elections of 2015.

Andrew Reynolds and Gabriele Magni

Andrew Reynolds and Gabriele Magni of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill look at how LGBT candidates performed compared to their straight counterparts in 2015. Our analysis of the performance of out LGBT candidates in the 2015 General Election shows that out gay candidates actually outperformed straight candidates in a number of important respects.

Pink News Article April 20th 2017


 Transgender & Gender Variant Candidates and Elected Officials Around the World
(Oct. 2015)

While the visibility of transgender people has blossomed in the media, a new report by the LGBTQ Representation and Rights Research Initiative shows that transgender leaders remain close to invisible in public office. Since 1977, 126 transgender and gender variant candidates from 30 countries have run in just over 200 races. Forty-eight candidates were elected, and with re-elections they won 72 times. To some, the numbers may be higher than expected, but they are a drop in the ocean when compared to the hundreds of thousands of cisgendered candidates who run for office globally every year.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 9.42.32 AM

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Latin America & the Caribbean (March 2015)

Author Javier Corrales (Amherst College) takes an in-depth look at the state of LGBT rights and representation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. He investigates the role of religion, government institutions, and social movements in shaping progress by region and country.


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Spanish Translation (April 2016)

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Out in Office (2013)

Andrew Reynolds publishes his findings establishing a link between the presence of out lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) members of parliament (MPs) around the world and the enactment of laws that ensure equity and protection for LGBT persons. Out in Office investigates factors contributing to this link.


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